Jakob Giggenbach

My Story

My grandfather is a fashion designer and photographer, for that reason I had access to design and photography at a very early age. Over the years, it has gradually become apparent that I can fully live out my creative side through photography. Photography is my way of representing the world as I see it. My aim is to capture a mood in my photographs and convey it to the viewers of my work.


The inspiration for many of my works is painting. Dutch still life paintings from the 17th century have inspired me for the series ‘Nature Morte’.

For the series ‘Jealousy’, the works of the painter Caspar David Friedrich and his outstanding interpretation of light were among the inspirations.

Among the inspirations for my work are also the outstanding photographs of the dutch photographer Erwin Olaf.

Works such as ‘Loneliness’ and ‘Flaneur’ are intended to capture the contrast of everyday moments and are influenced by the works of the artists Joel Meyerowitz and Garry Winogrand.


Juli 2022

Gruppenausstellung: “Metaverse kisses Reality”, Eight i Gallery, München


Kunstwerke von Jakob Giggenbach: