Andrea Simion


I choose to be vulnerable in front of the viewer and I let you see me exactly as I am. I think every artist has a beautiful madness and is trying to discover himself through what he does.

I can say that I understood the so-called “madness” only through the graphics arts and it’s techniques in which I specialized: linocut, cold needle engraving, drawing in pencil, ink or liner.

Inspiration & Styles

The themes that I approach are more about inner reflection, finding a common point with every viewer of my art, from everyday frustrations to sexuality and joy.

I like to make this interesting combination between shape, color and texture. The shapes are rendered by a very sensitive lyricism of lines that defines me. Through the lines I draw I try to convey to the viewer a melancholic and enigmatic atmosphere which outlines the characters stories.

Hier habe ich bereits ausgestellt!

Junges Kunst Museum Wiehl, group exhibition 2019

Qualification certificate level 4-Technician in different artistic techniques, group exhibition 2020

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